Chapter 12

Just after turning on the screen of the mobile phone and saying a few words, his voice suddenly rose a few octaves. “Mr. Ellison?” 

“Mr. Ellison?” Everyone was surprised to hear the name. 

Only Mr. Riddle Sr. and Damien had access to Mr. Ellison usually. Surprisingly, Mr. Ellison was calling Sean now. But no one dared to ask, only trying to listen in to what he was saying. 

Sean stopped in his tracks and looked back at everyone, finally his gaze landing on Nicole. “Really? Thank you so much, Mr. Ellison.” 

Everyone then looked over at Nicole in curiosity. Nicole took a sip of water and did not look surprised. 

As soon as Sean hung up the phone, Gloria was the first to ask, “Sean, how did you get Mr. Ellison’s phone number?” 

Sean regained his composure and sat back down at the table. “I don’t know Mr. Ellison’s phone number. It was he who called me.” 

“What did Mr. Ellison say?” Mr. Riddle Sr. asked in a deep voice. 

Sean looked at Mr. Riddle Sr. respectfully. “He asked Nicole to report to the high school of Royal Creek Institute tomorrow and said that he was glad to have Nicole coming to Royal Creek Institute.” 

with a hint of disbelief in his eyes when he said the last sentence.

a heated debate about how to get Nicole into Royal Creek Institute, the unthinkable happened with Mr. Ellison calling and saying that he

surprised. “Sean, did you hear it correctly? Mr. Ellison invited Nicole to the high school of Royal Creek

because she did not want Nicole to enter Royal Creek Institute. Yet, she did not expect that Mr. Ellison’s call would

just a country girl. What made Mr. Ellison extend his invitation to

Karen’s expression, Gloria turned to look at Nicole.

not even believe her own question. But Mr. Ellison had said that he was glad to have Nicole studying at Royal Creek Institute. So he and Nicole

not hide the truth, saying,

for Nicole’s help, Mr. Ellison would have

Ellison remembered her and

this reality, but was still a little doubtful. “Even if you know Mr. Ellison, how did Ellison

was a matter of course. “I called him when

icy look exuded a bit of arrogance. It gave the

I still asked him to call today to inform my family, saving you all from worrying too much about me.” Nicole’s eyes swept over

and could

shamefaced, too, as Nicole could enter Royal Creek Institute all by herself, yet he had just acted so reluctantly, which made him a complete joke.

at the faces of his first uncle and wife, and his second aunt with a touch of triumph in his eyes. He then pretended to be puzzled and asked, “You are really naughty, Nicole; you actually have Mr. Ellison’s phone number. Why didn’t you say it

of the two, making their

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