Chapter 14

Samuel was stunned at first, but when he saw Nicole only then he realized he had said the wrong thing again. He looked embarrassed and changed the subject bluntly. “Nicole is beautiful. I can see how popular you will become in school.” 

What Samuel said aroused jealousy in Norah. She looked at Nicole but could not deny that Nicole was blessed with beauty and a good figure, while she herself looked a lot more ordinary. 

Daniel noticed Norah’s melancholy and pondered for a moment before saying to Samuel with a frown, “You should keep your mouth shut if you don’t know what to say.” 

Getting reprimanded, Samuel quickly lowered his head and continued his breakfast. 

Daniel then turned to Norah. “Since you are not blood-related to your brothers, keep your distance from them, and you can no longer be so willful like last time.” 

Norah’s face turned pale after getting reprimanded. Feeling hurt, she bowed her head. “Understood. I will not be willful next time.” 

But it hurt Samuel to see that. “Dad, even if Norah is not our biological sister, we have lived together for so long. To me, as long as Norah treats me as her brother, I will always be his brother.” 

Samuel spoke with principle, startling both Daniel and Gloria. 

Spencer could not help but face-palm when Samuel said something stupid again. 

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