Chapter 15

Finally, twenty minutes later, they arrived at Royal Creek Institute. 

Royal Creek Institute was a century-old school with a solid background, its campus architecture majestic with a stone-carved gate of Hustuaburg’s characteristics. It looked classical and showed signs of age. 

As the car was parked in the parking lot, the three of them got out of the car. 

As soon as Nicole arrived, she felt that there were many girls secretly looking in her direction. 

“Please don’t mind. Those are all fans of the school basketball team who came to catch a glimpse of Samuel.” Spencer rolled his eyes at Samuel with disgust. 

“Who said that? Some of them are fans of your music society.” Samuel stared back unapologetically. 

Nicole did not expect that these noisy twins were so popular in the school. 

“I have seen Norah, but who is that girl?” 

“Could she be Samuel’s girlfriend?” 

“Huh? I envy her walking with them.” Many girls chattered among themselves. 

Norah’s face darkened. The person who had been envied before this was her Norah, but now, Nicole got all the limelight. 

these two brothers to be so popular. She turned her head and said, “Spencer,

unique, she had better keep a low profile,

Samuel said, pointing the way for

away from the

because of your fans.” Spencer scoffed.

not wanting to be outdone.

to be gentle and demure, Norah looked at the two of them and

The two responded and also turned to leave.

breathed a sigh of relief and went to her class. She was curious, not knowing which class Nicole would go to. But judging by that hillbilly’s results, she was sure that Nicole

time, Nicole had arrived at the headteacher’s office to report herself.

the office. “My name is Nicole. I was told by Mr. Ellison to report

a smile. “Mr. Ellison has instructed me to assign you to the best class. The two teachers of Class A and B will be here later. You may choose your

surprised, not expecting that Mr. Ellison would be so thoughtful, giving her the freedom to

studied her and

Riddle family. Mr. Ellison used to be unenthusiastic about the first few children of the Riddle family. There

before two teachers knocked on the door

a white shirt and a red skirt. She rushed up to Ms. Farrell at the desk without noticing Nicole. “You did not

Emerson, that student is right here.” Ms. Farrell

was startled when she saw

she was beautiful with a pair of bright, energetic, deep-set eyes. She was not inferior

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