Chapter 20

Nicole glanced at Raine and said unhurriedly, “No, I just taught an unruly classmate a lesson.” 

If she had really wanted to fight, Austin would have been in the hospital now. 

“Unruly?” Daniel’s face turned a little graver. “Were they bullying you? If true, they should be taught a lesson.” 

Norah did not expect her parents to spoil Nicole so much. She was jealous and acted as if she was worried. “Dad, that being said, fighting is wrong. Besides, the kid she taught a lesson to today is from the Woods family.” 

Raine also agreed. “Yeah, she has offended the Woods family. I am afraid that it will not be just her but the entire Riddle family that has to bear the consequences.” 

“The Woods family?” Daniel and Gloria’s faces turned a little pale upon hearing the name. The Woods family was San Joto’s most prominent new rich, very wealthy, and they were all rogues. 

No one in San Joto wanted to mess with them, yet Nicole had offended one of them on her first day of school. 

“Nicole, is what they say true?” Daniel sensed the tricky situation. Intending to protect her daughter, he had to figure out the actual situation and think of a way to protect Nicole. 

Nicole looked at Norah and Raine; they were all annoying squawkers. But she did not want to lie when she saw her parents’ concerned look. “It is true.” 

Those three words caused Daniel’s and Gloria’s expressions to change. 

“What should we do about this, Daniel? Should we tell Dad?” The Woods family had always been nasty. The Riddle family had better be prepared in case the Woods came after them. 

“Well, I am not sure.” Daniel felt it was better not to alarm his father, but the Woods family was difficult to deal with. 


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a step closer to Nicole. “Raine has always been straight-talking. Please don’t mind. But she is telling the truth. It is best not to get the Riddle family involved. You shouldn’t get upset

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