Chapter 19

“So badass!” Bradley was startled for a moment before muttering in amazement. 

Lulu could not help but nod in agreement. “Badass indeed.” 

“Let’s go.” Nicole glared disdainfully at Austin and then smiled evilly as she left. 

It was a mocking smile, but it was also beautiful. 

Everyone in the cafeteria watched in a daze as she left. 

Spencer patted Samuel, who had not come out of his awe, and said, “It looks like our sister doesn’t need us to worry about her.” 

In the afternoon, the school’s forum went ape, saying that the new student performed an over-the-shoulder move and threw the school bully to the ground the first day in the cafeteria. Some people who hated Austin commented and praised her anonymously. 

Some people think she was in trouble, thinking she would be expelled tomorrow. But Nicole could not care less and continued to copy the assignment from others. 

“Throwing Austin with an over-the-shoulder move? No wonder she said she didn’t need Gary’s protection.” Wayne looked at her from behind, almost wanting to whistle at her. 

“She must know martial arts, but she seems to be mediocre in terms of studies.” Jack shook his head and felt sorry. Only a few of them in the class copied the works of others, not expecting that Nicole was also doing so, copying Lulu’s assignment. This showed how bad she was in her studies. 

Gary did not even look up but continued to fiddle with his phone. 

At the end of the class, Bradley suddenly got up and came up to Nicole, looking worried. “It is not good, Nicole. Austin has woken up and uploaded a post threatening to get the school to expel you.” 

Nicole looked up coldly. “Does he really think he owns the school?” 

“He doesn’t own the school, but his father is one of the trustees.” Lulu and Bradley were worried about her. 

try.” Nicole sneered.

the work, Nicole returned the

was going to

Where are you going?”

self-study class since I have finished the assignment.” Nicole turned and left.

the self-study class?” Lulu was

at the beginning of the school year were not compulsory. But Ms. Emerson cared a lot about this month’s exams.

The two of them looked at each other and could only pray silently for Nicole in their hearts.

out of the school in

ground as trees rustled in the wind and the afterglow of dusk sprinkled on the young girl. Someone

Nicole returned to the Riddle family house. She saw Daniel and Gloria

at school today, Nicole?”

keep up?”

such a passionate concern from the

“It is alright.” 

to hear that. What do you want for dinner?” Gloria

eater. You can cook whatever you want.” Nicole let out a faint smile. She and Gloria had become acquainted with each other for

child.” Gloria patted Nicole’s head with a look of relief,

uncomfortable, She did not

of them were talking, someone

the self-study class today. She had

Dad, my cousins are here.” Norah enthusiastically ushered the two people through

“Snow, Raine? I didn’t expect

children of Dillon and Karen, and like Karen, her two children were also arrogant, rarely

a gift to Nicole.” Norah

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