Chapter 22

Nicole subtly shook her head to signal Mr. Riddle Sr. He then shook his head and said, “She is fine. She didn’t take it to heart.”

“Glad to hear. I will tell that kid from the Woods family to behave. No one will bully Nicole at school from now on. I assured you that.” “Thank you so much.” Mr. Riddle Sr. was elated and immediately thanked Mr. Ellison.

“No problem. Let us have a cup of tea together if you have time next time,” Mr. Ellison said politely. 

“Any time, Mr. Ellison. Call me when you have time.” Mr. Riddle Sr. was flattered. Not anyone could meet Mr. Ellison, and it was unimaginable that Mr. Ellison would ask to meet him. So, he agreed immediately. 


After that, Mr. Ellison hung up. The air felt standstill as everyone who heard the conversation looked at Nicole in disbelief.

Norah was most surprised. She had not believed it at all that Mr. Ellison would still be protective of Nicole when such a thing happened, but his phone call had confirmed everything.

Mr. Riddle Sr. slowly lowered his phone and calmed himself down. 

“Nicole, are you and Mr. Ellison close?”

Last time Nicole only said she and Mr. Ellison had met just once. But he now felt that their relationship was more than acquaintances.

Seeing her grandpa’s doubts, Nicole thought for a moment and said, “Sort of.”

They had only met once, but it was she who had been accompanying him when he was in the hospital, and so they kind of knew each other well.

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