Chapter 23

“Anything else?” Nicole sounded cold, clearly wanting to drive her away. Norah felt embarrassed and could only quickly get down to business. 

“I know that you and Austin have a conflict. I was just worried that our family would get involved, so I said something that might have offended you. Please don’t mind. You may hit me if you are angry.” Norah said with an innocent look, as if Nicole would bully her.

Nicole sneered as she despised someone who liked to play the victim like Norah. 

“Since you know you shouldn’t have said something that shouldn’t be said, you should have corrected yourself instead of coming to me to pretend to apologize.” With that, Nicole slammed the door shut.

Norah felt insulted, as if she had been slapped, her face feeling a burning sensation. D*mn it.. How dare Nicole disparage her? Did Nicole really think she had the right to reprimand her because she came to apologize? 

“Let’s wait and see, Nicole.” She stomped her feet angrily before taking her things and went away.

Nicole had locked the door and now turned on the computer. After entering the dark web, she decided to start taking a job today.

A client wanted her to hack into a network company’s system and find loopholes in their accounts.

This was the most common and simplest type of hacking job she had always been doing.

to exploiting the Federal Intelligence Agency’s system. But she had her principles and

by. At midnight, she found a vulnerability and implanted a monitoring code into the target system to monitor the target’s accounts. She then

received an anonymous text message on

[Carl is alive.]

seeing the name. She calmed


will go see

partner was dead, not expecting that he was still alive. This made Nicole, who had always been calm,

now. Someone is watching. We will take care of him. Don’t

have to wait for a long while before she could meet Carl. But she was still too excited and

common to her. So, she still went for a morning run like

she came to Royal Creek Institute in the Riddle family car. Her frosty look could not hide her beauty. It attracted

of her. Nicole looked back at the boy coldly, as if she had eyes on her back. The

behaved, and Nicole hurried to Class B. Bradley had arrived. His grades were mediocre, but

and only you were not in the class. She will definitely get mad

less about that. She did not have to waste her time on

Bradley that she

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