The crowd watched their reactions, so how could they not know what was happening? The tables have turned, and everyone found Celia, who went for wool and came home shorn, utterly shameless.
Celia saw them looking at her with their mocking eyes and wanted to say something. But she was really scared of Nicole’s gaze, so she could only leave dispiritedly. Nicole only stopped looking when the both of them left solemnly. She would have slapped Celia in the face if it weren’t for her principle of not hitting women.
However, Nicole still had a long way to go. So she might get her back for this in the future!
At that moment, Lulu and Bradley appeared out of nowhere and spoke to Nicole, “Nicole, you’re so cool!”
Celia was the most overbearing girl in Class A, and Nicole had actually shaken her just by looking at her.
“Though you’re cool, Celia is a very vindictive person.” Lulu looked at Nicole worriedly. Even though the Rowe family was not on the same level as the Riddle family or the Woods family, they were still the top family in the city. Nicole had just humiliated Celia, so Celia might get revenge on her. Nicole saw through Lulu. While clearing her food tray, she said, “She can’t do anything to me, don’t worry.”

Lulu was relieved when she heard that and gave Nicold a sweet smile. “Okay, you’re the best, Nicole!”
After they were done eating, the three of them went back to class.
It was Ms. Emerson’s class in the afternoon. Nicole did not do her night revision last night, so she was expecting Ms. Emerson to lecture her. However, Ms. Emerson only smiled at her without saying anything else.
Nicole thought about what happened this morning and understood that Ms. Emerson was thankful for her.
However, she did it just because she could not stand watching Mr. Kennedy bullying people. She did not expect to get Ms. Emerson’s liking, but the feeling was not bad either.
Nicole listened in class in peace, unaware that the video where Austin addressed her as her boss was uploaded to the school forum. That post had gotten thousands of engagements and comments; most of them questioned the authenticity of the video. After all, Austin was known for not submitting to anyone. How could he possibly address Nicole, who had beaten him up before, his boss?
But as there were many eyewitnesses in the cafeteria during that incident, the doubtful comments were immediately taken over by people discussing Nicole’s family background.
After all, there were not many people who could make Austin yield in San Joto.
However, Nicole’s online identity was protected so well that none of them managed to dig out anything about her.
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