Nicole had already seen through Celia’s evil schemes, so she was looking at Celia’s embarrassing state coldly from the side.
Celia had fallen hard. She was struggling on the floor for a while before somebody helped her up.
However, she glared at Nicole as soon as she got up. “How could you be so cruel?! You actually tripped me!” When the people who did not catch what really happened heard what Celia said, they looked at Nicole with disdain as they condemned her in their hearts. ‘She sure is acting differently now that she has Austin at her back. It did not take long for her to bully people, huh?’
Nicole was not bothered by their gaze and scoffed, “You don’t have to point fingers at me here. There’s a surveillance camera right in front of us. We’ll know what exactly happened when we watch the footage later.”
Celia was brainless for trying to set Nicole up when there was a surveillance camera in front of them. She had even tried to twist the story because her plan failed. Nicole started to wonder if Celia was retarded.
“What?” Celia was stunned as she obviously did not expect a surveillance camera to be there. She only realized that Nicole was telling the truth when she looked up.

Celia’s eyes immediately fell on Norah, who was in the crowd. Norah’s blood was boiling as she did not expect Celia to be so stupid as well. But she still acted like she was protective of Celia as she went up to help her. “How are you? Are you okay?”
“Of course I’m not okay? My knees are killing me.” Celia had lost her momentum, but she still refused to let Nicole go.
Norah noticed it. She looked at Nicole. “Nicole, no matter how you put it, Celia fell because of you. You should apologize to her.”
“Apologize?” Nicole smirked coldly. Her smile was evilly enchanting, so evil that it sent others shivers.
“Does she deserve it?” Nicole did not have the habit of apologizing to people, let alone apologizing to someone as petty and despicable as Celia. “What did you say?” Celia was so angered that she almost charged at Nicole.
“We’ll know who should apologize after we check the surveillance camera. Go to the central control room with me if you have the guts.” Nicole looked at Celia and Norah with disdain, her eyes filled with disgust.
The people saw how firm Nicole was, so they started to look at Celia with doubt.
Celia was growing more diffident under the eyes of the crowd. How would she even go to the central control room?
She obviously had ulterior motives, so the surveillance camera would definitely catch her act in high definition. She had no choice but to yell nervously, “Why should I listen to whatever you say? I don’t have time to play around with you! You’re just an ill-bred country bumpkin. Do you think I care about your apology? We’ll wait and see!” Celia was so exasperated that she was shouting at Nicole. But Nicole’s eyes turned icy cold all of a sudden. “Who are you calling ill-bred?”
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