Chapter 1646

He would not mind even if it took longer.

Nicole looked down and took a sip of coffee as she was not comfortable with Lloyd staring at her.

Then she asked, "I remember the time now, so is there anything else I should know?"

It was her first time being involved in activities like these, so she did not know what the procedures were.

"Nah. You just have to remember that we share the same manager. Anna will pick you up after school every day," Lloyd explained.

"The same manager?" Nicole asked, as suspicions began to flood her mind.

After all, Lloyd was an A-list celebrity. 'His manager is probably a big shot as well. Is he really sharing her with me?’

"Of course, but Anna is rather harsh with her words," Lloyd added.

Nicole figured that it was a good thing, so she responded," Got it."

"Okay." Lloyd nodded, feeling slightly disappointed.

wanted to spend more time with Nicole, but sadly, they barely

said, "Anna will pick you

this Saturday.

could not wait to see

"Sure." Nicole nodded.


got up. "It's okay. You're busy. I can leave

watch. "It's fine. I'm usually done with work around this time. Do you

decline his offer when she remembered how much of a help he was to her for the past few days, so she figured that it was only natural for her to

but it's my treat. Deal?" Nicole asked

character, so

was over the moon. 'Nicole is buying me a meal! This is the first time I get

all, I'm a celebrity. It's not really

the gesture with a gentle smile. "Okay, I don't want

Lloyd happily opened

out gracefully, and Lloyd followed

his Bugatti Veyron over to her, whereupon

the other side, Jared suddenly received a message

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