″It’s nothing,” Jane replied with a smile.

“Your workload isn’t heavy, so well be able to manage,” Sean added.

“That’s because you’re capable enough to juggle between your tasks and my own, not because of how little work there is,” Steve said.

He knew that everyone already had their own share of assignments, so having them shoulder his burden would definitely add to the amount of tasks they had to complete.

“We are all family, and being able to help each other is a good thing,” Daniel said, and looked at Sean. “But you need to take good care of yourself too. Just get another secretary to help you out if it’s too much for you to handle.”

“Yeah, I’ll think about it,” Sean said.

He knew that Daniel did not want him to sacrifice his and Jane’s well-being for work, even though it was for the good of the company.

Jane knew this all too well, so she smiled as a surge of warmth filled her from within.

After dinner, everyone gathered in the living room to have a chat as a family. It was rare for the entire family to be back here as one, so they wanted to spend more time together.

got late, and Steve was the first to

head home first. Sally

and please take good care of Sally,”

time, Mom and Dad,” Sally said,

Gloria nodded

of the house with Sally beside him, and the others followed suit

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“You’re my boyfriend now. Of course you’ll

she had spoken, Cherry looked at Tia. “Hey,

“Sure,” Tia replied.


Mrs. Wallace Sr. looked at Tia

Tia said, and pushed her

wanting to go back to their rooms. Seeing this,

the merriment in the house fading into sudden, pin drop silence, Gloria glanced around and remarked,

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