“Forget it. There’s nothing more that I can say about it now,” Tia finished.

After all, Stanley was already together with Cherry.

Mrs. Wallace Sr. looked at Tia and comforted her as she patted her hand. “You should go out there and make more friends in the future.”

Perhaps things would be different for Tia if she were in a different environment with new friends and a new life.

“I actually prefer staying at home,” Tia told her truthfully. “I only agreed to go out because I saw everyone caring about me so much.”

She thought she should not let them down, so she would hang out with the others a couple of times and return to not doing so gradually.

Mrs. Wallace Sr. patted her hand again, as she was still feeling sorry for her.

“Okay, let’s not talk about this anymore.”

“Let me help you up, Grandma.” Tia lifted her up and sat her down on the bed.

she left the room after ensuring that

that she was all alone, her eyes began to well up. As she was unable to sleep, she took a stroll in the yard where she unexpectedly

for either of them to turn around, Tia

Stanley asked after noticing how dejected

not know how to comfort her, and he could not possibly ask her to not be sad over him and

you should go to bed first.” Tia gritted

of me. You’ve been working hard for the past few days. I bet you

“It’s my duty. I owe you, so consider it a repayment for all you’ve done

point, Stanley could not endure the heartache he was experiencing anymore, so

get some sleep now. It’s late.” Stanley held onto Tia’s hand tightly, not allowing

wanted her to go

aback as Stanley grabbed her hand. She mindlessly followed him around until they were in front of her room, and it was only then

to bed now,”

his impulsive behavior. He did not know how Tia would respond to what he just did, so he simply left her in a hurry

watched as he fled, her

still feel his warmth. There, she continued

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