Never Late, Never Away

Never Late, Never Away Chapter 2

Never Late, Never Away Chapter 2

One hour later, Vivian walked out of the Civil Affairs Bureau with the red marriage certificate clutched in her hands. She felt as though she was floating on air as if everything had been nothing but a dream.

Never had she ever thought that she would one day suddenly marry a man that she had only met by chance.Perhaps this is fate?

Lowering her eyes, she gazed at the photo of them sitting side by side. The man’s expression was blank, while hers evidently displayed her unease and reservations.

Beneath that photo were both of their names.How absurd is it that I’ve only just come to learn of my new husband’s name? From a marriage certificate, of all things!Finnick Norton. A simple but fitting name for a man like him.

“Vivian William?”

The man- Finnick, was also staring at his marriage certificate. He pronounced her name slowly, the low timbre of his voice causing it to roll off his tongue smoothly. The way he uttered it sent shivers running down her spine.

She was still reeling from her change in marital status when a hand suddenly appeared right before her. A card was pinched between its two fingers.

“Ms. William, I’m aware that having a wedding and getting a wedding ring are some of the most anticipated events for a woman. Unfortunately, I’m sorry to say that I don’t have the time to deal with all that. If you’d really like a ring, you can choose one yourself.”

Tilting her head backwards, Vivian met Finnick’s unreadable gaze.

“There’s no need for that.” She hurriedly waved her hands in refusal at him. “I don’t care for such formalities.”

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