Never Late, Never Away

Never Late, Never Away Chapter 4

Never Late, Never Away Chapter 4

The revelation stunned Vivian. Before she could react, Finnick shot them a small smile. “You are from Glamour Magazine, right? Please take a seat.”

“Vivian, what are you still standing around for?”

The reminder from Sarah snapped Vivian out of her daze, as she soon followed them to the couch.

Finnick glided over and stopped in front of them. Sarah’s face was full of excitement as she asked, “Mr. Norton, may we begin?”

“Sure.” Finnick’s expression was rather placid. Up till now, he had not even given Vivian a second glance. It was almost like they were complete strangers.

His distant attitude had even caused Vivian to wonder if this man was just a random person who had a striking resemblance to her new husband.

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