Never Late, Never Away

Never Late, Never Away Chapter 5

Never Late, Never Away Chapter 5

Vivian’s heart skipped a beat at his response.

What do I think? I don’t even need to think about it!

Despite her inner thoughts, she still managed to quirk her lips up in a small grin. “Let me guess… A man with such outstanding achievements as yourself, I’m certain that you’re already married. Am I right, Mr. Norton?”

Thereafter, she avoided his gaze, as guilt crept up on her. In the next instant, she berated herself for feeling so.

Why should I feel guilty? He’s the one who had concealed his real identity from me! He kept pretending that he didn’t know me! I’m not in the wrong here!

Across from her, Finnick took note of the minor changes in her expressions, as her conflicting emotions played out, all over her face.

Almost imperceptibly, his lips twitched upwards.

Even before this interview, he already knew that she would be the one who would be interviewing him. In all actuality, it was probably more accurate to say that he had only agreed to it because he found out that she worked at Glamour Magazine.

truth, he had seen her three days ago when she was on a blind

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sighed mournfully before she perked up and prodded, “I wonder what sort of woman Mr. Norton’s wife is? Is she a

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on to the questions related to the company.” Not wanting to linger on the topic of marriage for too long, Vivian hurriedly

focused on his job. At long last, the interview ended on a

Magazine.” Finnick shook each of their hands after the session had ended. When it was Vivian’s turn, he paused for a second, his gaze fixed on the ring that she was wearing. His lips curled

felt warm, as a blush bloomed upon her face. She snatched her hand back and followed the others out of

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