No Chance of Remarriage: Get Lost

No Chance Of Remarriage: Get Lost Chapter 6

Chapter 6

granddaughter, and Gareth was the grandson-in-law. Elisa ate freely and chatted with Julia. Gareth seemed abandoned at his end of the table. He put down his fork and turned to Julia, “Grandma, why do you suddenly ask me… Ask us to come here for dinner?” “Do you know how long you have not visited me here?” Julia glanced at Gareth and became even more furious when she saw Gareth not caring about her. “Is it so difficult to spend time with me? Your grandpa frequently travels for business and leaves me here alone. How can you ask this kind of question?” Gareth had nothing to say. He continued to eat his food and did not say anything. On the other hand, Julia grew even more agitated and slammed her hand on the table. “No matter what, Elisa is your wife, and you should cherish her. Why do you keep going to the hospital to spend time with that cunning woman? Have you not embarrassed the Wickam family enough?” Gareth’s expression turned sullen. “Grandma, Linda saved my life.” “She saved your life? Anyone can see she is deceiving you!” Gareth frowned and glared at Elisa. Elisa looked at him and smiled mockingly. She knew he thought she had tattled on him. Previously, I would worry that Gareth would misunderstand, but now… Hah! Who cares that he misunderstand? Would I lose anything? “Stop glaring at her! Elisa did not say anything to me! Do you think I won’t notice? You went to the hospital every day and did not bother to go home!” Gareth pursed his lips and remained silent. The dinner consisted mostly of Julia scolding Gareth. Julia did not mince her words or show him mercy. Elisa felt satisfied listening to Gareth being scolded. It even felt like someone had avenged the indignity she previously suffered. After chatting with Julia for a little longer, Elisa and Gareth finally headed out of the manor. However, Elisa was in a dilemma. Julia still did

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