No Chance of Remarriage: Get Lost

No Chance Of Remarriage: Get Lost Chapter 7

Chapter 7

car stopped abruptly. Elisa smirked when she saw Gareth red with fury and said before he had a chance to argue, “If you wish to divorce, do it faster. Otherwise, don’t blame me for changing my mind. I will keep pestering you and make sure you can’t marry her or divorce me!” After saying that, Elisa reached for the door handle to get out. Click! Gareth suddenly locked the door. Elisa frowned and turned to Gareth. “What is the meaning of this?” Gareth snorted coldly. “Elisa, what makes you think Grandma will always be on your side?” “As I thought. You suspect I tattled on you.” Elisa continued to smirk and said, “It doesn’t matter whether I tattled you. Isn’t divorce more important to you? Mr. Wickam, can you confirm when you want to register our divorce?” Gareth glanced at her sharply. “Are you planning to send someone to inform Grandma when we divorce?” “What the heck are you thinking?” Elisa was speechless and turned impatient. “If you keep being afraid, we will never be able to divorce. So, Mr. Wickam, are you free tomorrow?” Gareth replied coldly, “I’ve already told you. My assistant will contact you when I am free! Get out of my car!” Elisa sneered in anger. “You think I want to be here? Gareth, you will pay for your arrogance one day!” After saying that, she did not spare him another glance and got out of the car. Seeing Gareth being impatient to leave, she scoffed and deliberately neglected to close the door. Then, she walked away leisurely and said, “I’m taking my leave first, Mr. Wickam.” Gareth gritted his teeth. “Elisa!” Elisa smirked and did not bother to look back as she made a turn and left on a pedestrian path. Two hours later, Gareth arrived at his company. Suddenly, his phone rang. He answered it immediately. “Boss, she has left the hill, and I have followed her to her home.

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