No Chance of Remarriage: Get Lost

No Chance Of Remarriage: Get Lost Chapter 8

Chapter 8

beside her and appeared calm. “I have gotten ready a long time ago.” “Are… Are you sure you can convince Will to trust you? Have they not questioned your identity when you met with his company’s legal department? Does he still not know who you are?” Elisa patted Charli’s shoulder. “Don’t worry. He will know soon.” Charli did not know what to say. She had no choice but to pray that things would not go horribly wrong. Soon, Elisa arrived at the restaurant and saw a handsome man sitting at a table, playing mobile games. He wore a tailored high-end suit and exuded a deep sense of nobility. His eyes seemed gentle, and many did not know the ruthlessness hidden beneath those eyes. Noises of the mobile game sounded from his phone from time to time, clashing with his professional appearance. Will looked up when he heard footsteps. He saw a tall and slender woman with her long and straight brown hair tied in a bun and fringes curled slightly at the side of her head. She wore a light blue corseted dress, showing her alluring figure. She was slim with the appropriate amount of softness on the right part of her body. Furthermore, she had beautiful facial features, especially her almond-shaped eyes. They gleamed like crystals and exuded a sense of professional capability. One could not help but be mesmerized by them. However, Will was astonished to see that she was Elisa. He logged out of his game and smiled, “Mrs. Wickam, have you gone to the wrong room?” Will respected Iris and arrived here early. He did not expect to bump into his enemy’s wife. Meanwhile, Elisa walked in and smiled as she took a seat opposite Will. “I haven’t gone to the wrong room. Didn’t you invite me?” Will saw Charli standing behind Elisa and instantly realized something. “You’re Iris?” His eyes flashed with astonishment. Elisa was undeniably gorgeous. One could never forget her beauty after a glance at her. They made everyone seem lackluster in her presence. Unfortunately, this lovely lady was Gareth’s wife. Will looked at Charli and gave a cryptic smile. “Ms. Lucas, why don’t you explain this?” Charli cleared her throat and said awkwardly, “Mr. Darcey, I was unclear about Iris’ situation previously, so I wasn’t able to explain it to you. However, since we have agreed to take your case, we can now reveal some matters to you now.” Will narrowed his

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