No Chance of Remarriage: Get Lost

No Chance Of Remarriage: Get Lost Chapter 16

Chapter 16 Why Not Go Get the Certificate

Elisa pursed her lips. Was this all inevitable?

She had intended to ask Gareth when they should divorce, but for some reason he wanted her to come in person. She had no intention of staying any longer and turned to go back to her room.


Her vision spun and before she knew it, Gareth had pulled her into an empty room!


He slammed the door shut!

Gareth held both her wrists in his hand.

Eying the paranoid man before her, she frowned and forced a smile, “Mr. Wickam, what are you doing?”

one who wanted to be with Linda. Why was he acting this way because

his actions for him having

make the same mistake again. She

She had given up.

thing she felt for him right now was annoyance. Gareth’s eyes were like shards of ice, and his voice mirrored that,

in her ire, “How am I being impatient?

had always put Linda first. She only got in touch with Will because of work! And besides, this was

It was as if he was trying to

truly thinks that I am going too far, how about we each do our part and choose

“Elisa Benett!”

his teeth. Seeing the disdain in her eyes, he sneered,

an eyebrow at him, “Then

him. But after three years of torture and being ignored, she had learned and grown from it. It no longer hurt as much as

than to eat

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