No Chance of Remarriage: Get Lost

No Chance Of Remarriage: Get Lost Chapter 31

Chapter 31 Even You Paramour Came?!

Perceiving Gareth’s ferocious aura, Elisa didn’t dare to scowl at him. Instead, she timidly switched off the doorbell camera in resignation.

The deafening noise of Gareth knocking on the door emerged again. Elisa didn’t want to annoy her neighbors, so she had no choice but to open the door.

Gareth strode into the house with a sullen face.

After closing the door, Elisa stared daggers at him. “Mr. Wickam, your actions make me think that you still can’t get over me.”

Why does he have to come at this hour? If there’s anything to be settled, can’t we do it during daytime?!

Initially, she thought Gareth found out about the rumor when he was somewhere else, so he called to question her, but little did she expect that he was most likely hanging around her neighborhood given how fast he appeared at her place.

Gareth was mad as a hornet as he shot a fierce glare at Elisa. “I can’t get over you? Elisa Benett, I have a reasonable suspicion that you’re trying to get my attention by doing all these!”

Elisa flared up too.

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went to visit her in the hospital, and even visited her parents. You’re not any better, so how dare you reprimand me?! Gareth Wickam, if you dare

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