No Chance of Remarriage: Get Lost

No Chance Of Remarriage: Get Lost Chapter 32

Chapter 32 Thunderstorm

Elisa opened the door to see a slender figure.

Gareth stood up and walked toward the door too.

Elisa curled her lips and turned to look at Gareth. “Oh well, it’s not my paramour but your mistress. How do you feel, Mr. Wickam?”

Linda narrowed her eyes. Mistress? I can turn you, Gareth’s official wife, to a mistress in the snap of a finger!

Gareth’s face darkened even more as he stared at Linda in displeasure and asked, “What brings you here?”

Linda answered worriedly, “I called your buddies just now. Initially, I wanted to discuss some matters with you, but I heard that you aren’t in a good mood today. I was worried, so I asked them for your whereabouts. I’m worried that there might be some misunderstandings, so I rushed over. Elisa, Garry, please talk things out if there’s any problem. I just hope there won’t be any misunderstandings between you guys.”

smiled. “It doesn’t matter. He’ll be able to marry you soon. I’m just his ex-wife, so I won’t cause any impact. Dear Linda, we’re cousins, so

was so frigid that it was as if he could

was, what Elisa had just said was exactly what he

So what if you’re insulting me now? Gareth will be mine sooner or later, and he can only be mine. You’re just a passer-by

playing with Linda’s head. Just as Linda

guys can get your certificate of marriage done. But what should I do? Your dear Garry is unwilling to.

she squeezed a smile and said, “What nonsense are you talking about, Elisa? Mr. Wickam and I are just friends.

fact, Linda was frustrated that Gareth still hadn’t

Elisa almost wanted to roll her eyes

Linda looked toward Gareth with a gentle smile. “Garry, thank you for all that you’ve done for me. I have no regrets saving you at that time. I was too obsessed with you back then, and hence I asked if you would marry me. Garry,

lips were trembling. It seemed as if she was more than happy to see Elisa receive happiness but was agonized to give up Gareth. She expressed the complicated emotions so perfectly that one could

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