No Chance of Remarriage: Get Lost

No Chance Of Remarriage: Get Lost Chapter 35

Chapter 35 You’re Going to a Banquet?!

Elisa did not answer Will while Rachel shifted her gaze between Elisa and Will. Something must be going on between the two of them! Could it be that Elisa has a thing for Will? But she hasn’t told me anything all this while. No way, it can’t be!

With a subtle change in her expression, Rachel asked directly, “Come on Elisa, you should’ve introduced your new friend to me earlier. When did you guys know each other? You guys seem to be pretty close.”

Rachel winked at Elisa while saying that.

Will replied profoundly with a smile, “We haven’t known each other for long, but our relationship is pretty good.”

Relationship? What kind of relationship? Rachel looked nonplussed while Elisa smirked.

“Wash the vegetables.”

Will giggled. “Yes, ma’am!”

‘Yes, ma’am?’ Rachel was even more baffled by the situation.

She glanced at Elisa from time to time, hoping to get some clues from her, but the latter had not expressed anything even after the dishes were served. Rachel drooled at the sight of the flavorful dishes.

the food. “Smells amazing! Elisa,

at Elisa’s cooking skills too.

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that Rachel was going to continue talking, Elisa picked a piece of meat and stuffed it into

Rachel was rendered speechless.

Elisa thought of something and glanced at Will.

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at breaking the ice. Rachel was an extrovert too, so the three of them

one who babbled nonstop. Will would chime in from time

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was more impressed the more he ate. He would rarely go for a second bowl of

praised from the bottom of his heart, “Elisa, your cooking skills are so amazing that I doubt the national chefs can hold

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