No Chance of Remarriage: Get Lost

No Chance Of Remarriage: Get Lost Chapter 36

Chapter 36 Oh My Gosh! You Must Be Crazy!

Rachel’s voice was tinged with worry as she had a feeling that there was a storm awaiting Elisa.

She knew Elisa and Gareth only attended those banquets in the past to show off their relationship, but now…

Meanwhile, Will lifted his brows and made no comments.

He was more than happy to have Elisa attend the banquet with him this time because it would be a huge blow to Wickam Group.

Elisa smiled and replied, “Don’t worry.”

She had to take this step sooner or later. Since she had already lost her patience with Will, she didn’t have to bear with him.

Moreover, if she didn’t initiate the attack first, Linda might plot against her again, so she would rather play the bad guy and regain her freedom as soon as possible.

Rachel sighed. “Okay then. It might help to accelerate your divorce.”

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divorce paper, but he procrastinates getting the certificate of divorce. My dear Elisa is such an outstanding woman. Does he

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Rachel was rendered speechless.

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a pleasant meal, Rachel insisted on washing the plates.

try it out tonight and contact you if there’s any

He knew the ladies might find him annoying if he kept staying on, so he stood up with a

knew Rachel planned to stay over at Elisa’s place

Elisa’s lips as she nodded. “Alright. See you, Mr.

times for meals and I’ve even tasted your home-cooked dishes today. We should address

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