Jennifer's POV: 

This she-wolf was the most eye-catching among the new batch of trainees.She was wearing the training uniform.

Her wine red hair danced with the wind, and her face looked even more beautiful because of her smile.Everyone looked at her in amazement as she introduced herself.

"Hello, I'm Ella Wood."

When she caught sight of me, the smile on her face suddenly froze.

I felt cold all over as if I had been trapped in an ice cave.

Ella Wood was a name that I never wanted to hear for the rest of my life.

I had a deep hatred for her family.

Ella was the daughter of Arthur Wood.

Arthur Wood used to be my father's Beta.

Together with a bunch of traitors, he rebelled against my father, killed him, and then took the position of Alpha.

He also forced me and my older brother to leave our pack.

We got separated halfway, and I still have no idea where he was.

Now Arthur Wood's daughter, who used to be my good friend, stood before me for the first time since her father took away my father's position as Alpha.

The situation was ridiculous.

I used to treat Ella as my best friend, but I could never forget the smug look on her face while I was hunted down.

Ella had always been jealous of me for being the daughter of the Alpha.

She could not accept that she was the daughter of the Beta.

However, before Arthur Wood carried out his dastardly plan, she pretended to be on good terms with me.

It was not until her father killed mine that she finally revealed her true colors.She helped her father hunt me down.

Ella must be surprised to see that I wasn't dead.We stood there, just looking at each other.

our eyes met, an invisible storm brewed between us.Ella's



couldn't take revenge on her here nor could I tell anyone what had


had a different program than we did, I didn't have

didn't approach me nor did she give any indication that she knew

new trainees and the old ones to

have been listless the past few days, but I decided to cheer up and focus on the task at hand

jungle, and the silence made me drop

heard someone shouting for help

trainee who was in danger? I rushed in the direction

long when I stepped on a


reached out for something to hold onto, but I failed to grab anything and I fell to the bottom

pain shot through

a very deep pit with sharp

them went through my body, leaving

felt, I

feel blood flowing out of my new

the rate I was losing blood, I was going

to endure the pain and tried my best to pull myself out

when I fell, I fractured several parts of my body, and

but I couldn't move.The harder I tried, the faster I

began to feel dizzy, cold, and short

slowly seeped from

this the end

hadn't had my revenge

die here, but I had no strength

couldn't close

pull myself out of the pit, but I couldn't resist the drowsiness that followed the pain.I could kind of see visions

away? Our family could finally

Anthony's POV: 

led the second batch of trainees to the training ground, I noticed

the she-wolf named

was my first time seeing her look like this—as if she was trying her

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