Outcast: The Alpha King's Beloved

Chapter 21: True Love 

Anthony's POV: 

"Anthony, you..."My mother was too angry to speak.

"Mom, don't worry.I'll go and look for her myself,"I assured her.

I had to admit that I also felt bad.

An inexplicable panic gripped me, making it hard for me to calm down.

It was the first time that I had felt such a feeling.

Accompanied by a group of attendants, I went into the jungle to look for Jennifer.

We searched every possible place, but found no sign of her.

Without giving up, we went to the innermost part of the jungle.

I knew that a woman as strong as Jennifer might have reached the depths of the jungle.

But as time went by, my mind was in a mess.

My movements became more and more frantic as I passed through the messy vines, not even caring if the thorns scratched my arms.

Blood seeped from them.Soon, it was almost dawn.

A whole night had passed, but I hadn't found Jennifer yet.

"Mr.Jones, let's go back.Miss Jennifer may no longer be on this island."

An attendant tried to persuade me.

But just then, my senses turned to high alert.

As her mate, I knew her scent, and I could faintly smell it at the moment.

At first, I thought it was just the traces of Jennifer's scent lingering behind after she passed through this part of the jungle, but as I walked around, the smell grew stronger and stronger.

"Zane, do you smell anything?"I asked my wolf.

Wolves were undoubtedly more sensitive to smells.

"Yes, I think Jennifer is nearby."

"Look nearby.Don't leave an inch unsearched,"I ordered.

Not long after, my attendants came to report to me that they had found a pit.

I quickly strode over to the pit, which was hidden by weeds.

I shoved the weeds aside and found that the pit was very deep.

but the strong smell

and it

knew for sure that Jennifer was

I was about to jump down, an

I'll go down

on my own regardless of my attendant’s dissuasion, even though I knew it might be dangerous in the

I was being impulsive, but I didn't

was about to land, I sensed many sharp wooden sticks poking

Fortunately, I was prepared.

arms to grip the walls of the pit, and carefully

I was mentally prepared for whatever sight would greet me, my heart still twitched badly when I saw Jennifer covered with

was unconscious, and seemed to

painted scarlet in her blood, making my


to pull out the sticks

were stained with a large

of blood was gurgling down her

or perhaps it was because of the pain caused by

enough to give

her up and carried her out

my arms, I ran

pain that she

and blood

watched as the nurses pushed Jennifer into the

the corridor, I found my clothes were all stained

even dare to imagine how much blood she

in the

torture had she suffered? The doctors began treating Jennifer in

and then two

room, I couldn't tear my eyes


outside the corridor

whole day passed with me waiting outside the emergency room

my heart sank.I

you pass by, you bring medicine with

playful remark from the other day flashed

treat her that differently?

her.I've told you that many times,

argue with him about it

anything else.Yes,

so easily? She was young, and

front of me

the door of the emergency room was

looked over and saw the medical staff pushing Jennifer,

how is she?"I hurried over and spoke in a

multiple fractures all over her body.Her internal organs were broken, and she lost too much blood.But fortunately, she has a strong will to live.She is out of fatal danger

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