Outcast: The Alpha King's Beloved

Chapter 30: Bathing In The Hot Spring 

Jennifer's POV: 

Today was Valentine's Day, and it was the first Valentine's Day in my life that I truly enjoyed.

I spent the whole day wandering the streets with Prince Anthony.

He bought me roses and took me to eat my favorite strawberry cake.

I couldn't remember when the last time I had felt this happy was.

In return, I gifted the prince new underwear.

I couldn't forget his reaction when I told him what the gift was.

He looked a little taken aback, but he thanked me warmly.

In the evening, we went back to the cabin in the forest.

It was only yesterday that we had faced off against a group of vampires.

There were too many vampires in this area.

It seemed that things were not so simple.

In order to make sure that the vampires didn't cause trouble again, we decided to go back to the forest and inspect the whole area to see if there were any vampires that had escaped.

For werewolves, vampires were the worst enemies.

So, to ensure the safety of our species, we had to be cautious.

After returning to the cabin, I sank down on the sofa and stretched my arms.

"Mr.Jones, would you like to try on the underwear?"

I asked Anthony with a mischievous smile.

"Jennifer, do you need to remind me about the underwear again and again?"

His face turned pink, which I found quite interesting.

"Mr.Jones, I'm just worried that I bought the wrong size,"

I said in an aggrieved tone, pouting my lips.

"After all, it's the first gift that I've given you."

Hearing this, Anthony reluctantly walked into the room with the shopping bag.

I couldn't believe that he was really going to try on the underwear like I asked him to.

I couldn't help but burst out into laughter.

I didn't expect that the proud prince would also have a soft side.

After a while, he walked out of the room with a long face.

He threw a tag in front of me, pursing his lips with displeasure.

size would fit me?"

sorry, Mr.Jones, I don't know your

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put one hand on the backrest of the sofa and

and hoarse, with a magnetic charm

my face, making me shift

that I could see

Was this still the same prince that I knew? My heart was


and rushed to the door of the cabin, as

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want to look around nearby.Don't worry, Mr.Jones, I

to calm down my racing heart.In front of me lay the dense forest, lit up only by the dying light of the setting

careful.If you are in

from inside the

looked back and

stayed in the cabin, not making a move

breathed a sigh of

what was going on in

days, he always made my

of the cabin, I inspected the path the whole way,

I fanned

the intimacy in the cave last night, the atmosphere between me and the prince

his attitude towards me seemed to have

reminding myself that he and I could never have a future together, I still couldn't

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not be moved by a man who had risked his life to save me? These were the

a beautiful natural hot spring

steaming, and

hot spring in this forest, and it

and tested the temperature of the

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cabin, so I had been worrying about how to take a

happened to find this hot spring

decided to take a bath here

area once more and

and sank into the hot spring pool, letting the

comforting warmth of the water, I raised my wrists and

relaxed in a

happiness in my heart made me hum to

After returning to the cabin, Jennifer volunteered

didn't want to let her take such a risk, but she was

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mind kept going back to the way she blushed in front of me

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back to the cabin

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