Outcast: The Alpha King's Beloved

Chapter 31: The Plot Of Vampires 

Anthony's POV: 

My sudden appearance made Jennifer jump back and clutch her chest in shock.

Her eyes were wide with surprise.


"Didn't you hear the footsteps? There are vampires nearby," I whispered, covering her mouth with my hand.

"Stop talking.Let's hide first."

Then, I pulled Jennifer into my arms and ducked beneath the water with her.

As soon as Jennifer heard that there were vampires nearby, she stiffened and became vigilant.

Without asking any more questions, she just stayed motionless and let me hold her.

Not long after we ducked into the pool, the group of vampires came to the hot spring pool.

As a lycan, I had extremely sharp hearing.

I guessed that there were more than thirty vampires here, which was really unusual.

Although vampires did appear at the border of Red Sun Pack from time to time, there had never been so many of them at the same time.

It was only yesterday that Jennifer and I had killed about twenty to thirty vampires, but today, there were another thirty vampires or so.

Were these vampires plotting something? Hiding in the water, I held my breath.Then I heard a vampire begin to curse.

"Damn the werewolves! I wish I could kill them all!"

"The elder asked us to break through Red Sun Pack as soon as possible, but werewolves are brutal by nature.How can we finish the mission so easily? I heard that there were two powerful werewolves near this area yesterday.They managed to kill dozens of vampires on their own.They were too cruel."

"What are you afraid of? Isn't the elder trying to capture the Alpha and Luna of Red Sun Pack? Once the two of them fall into our hands, the entire pack will be vulnerable."

"Exactly.Stop complaining and continue to search the area.Our goal is to annihilate all the werewolves in this forest."

I was shocked when I heard the vampires plan.No wonder there were so many of them gathered together.It turned out that they wanted to take the Alpha and Luna away.

Moreover, they wanted to capture the whole Red Sun Pack.These vampires were too ambitious.

If we couldn't find a way to destroy their plan, the consequences would be unimaginable.

While I was thinking about how to deal with the enemies, I noticed that there seemed to be something wrong with Jennifer.

if she was running out of

breath for a much longer time than other werewolves, so_ being underwater was

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could only vaguely observe her

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her lips were soft and

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oxygen into Jennifer's mouth, I took the liberty of kissing

indulge in the sweet taste

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back up to the surface, Jennifer took a big gulp

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Mr.Jones.Thanks to you, I'm fine." Jennifer

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