Outcast: The Alpha King's Beloved

Chapter 34: Getting Out

Jennifer's POV:

This was the plan that Anthony and I had come up with.

He would pretend to faint, luring the vampires to our cell so that we could escape.

Our plan worked.

These vampires did not want Anthony dead.

They believed me when I said that an old wound of his reopened.

"Nobody move.If anyone dares to take a step forward, I'll rip his head off."

Anthony tightened his grip on Sherman's neck.

I knocked down the guards and ran to stand behind Anthony.

The probability of us staying safe was higher if we stayed together.

More vampires appeared outside the cell, but they all stopped in their tracks when they saw what the situation was like.

Anthony kept a tight grip on Sherman and led me out of the dungeon.

Although Sherman couldn't speak because there was a hand around his neck, he subtly took out a gun from his pocket while we were distracted.

But Anthony quickly intercepted the pistol and pointed it at Sherman's head.

Then, he tied up Sherman's wrists.

"If anyone dares to take a step closer, he's going to get it,"

Anthony warned the vampires who seemed eager to approach.

But because those vampires were loyal to the elder, they kept a distance of at least a hundred meters away from us.


An anxious voice called out from far away.

It was the royal guards! Both Anthony and I sighed in relief.

a hostage,

vampire who didn't care whether Sherman lived or died, we

of the royal guards put us at

They fought the vampires.


fled with injuries, and the

Alpha Boris and Luna

time we took Sherman back to the Red Sun Pack, he had

several bruises, proving how much 

Kingdom tonight.Do not

ordered the royal

Vampires were cunning creatures.

we failed to keep a close watch on Sherman and he

Sun Pack’s problem

already dark when we returned to Marge Island, but Elizabeth was waiting for

She looked pale.

 "You brat, why did you take

scolded Anthony while pointing at his

rushed to her side and explained, "Mr.Jones just

I told her in a low voice, "He

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and said, "Jennifer will stay with

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"Let's leave him be."

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I was getting dragged away, I turned to look at

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entered the house, she patted my

her son better than anyone else.Anthony likes you.I've never seen him have feelings

like me? I couldn't believe

I thought about it carefully, I had to


saved me from dangerous situations over and over

had been in critical danger,

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