Outcast: The Alpha King's Beloved

Chapter 32: Passion In The Dungeon 

Anthony's POV: 

Jennifer's training during this period of time led to remarkable results.

Before, she had been barely able to keep up with me.

Now that we were in disguise, we both looked like any other vampire.

Of course, if the vampires decided to inspect us closely, they would find out we were not their fellows.

We moved swiftly in the darkness and made our way to the dungeon.

Jennifer never fell behind.

Even though we encountered several patrolling vampires along the way, they didn't discover our true identities.

Jennifer's adaptability really surprised me.

Finally, we found the location of the dungeon.

Boris and Judy sat on the floor in one of the cells.

He comforted her as she was crying.

Our sudden appearance frightened them.

"What are you going to do to us, you wicked vampires?"

Judy demanded in horror as she shrank back with her arms crossed. I gestured for them to be quiet.

"We are here to save you," Jennifer said in a low voice as she walked to the iron door.

"Try to open this door, Jennifer,"

I whispered as I turned to watch the exit of the dungeon.

We exterminated the vampires who had been standing guard.

But if we delayed for too long and other vampires came to check, we would have difficulty leaving this place.

"That shouldn't be a problem for me." Jennifer magically produced a set of keys.

"Before entering the dungeon, I knocked out one of the guards and found these attached to his uniform.I don't know if one of these keys will open this door, though.We have to try."

"You never fail to surprise me." I nodded in approval and admiration.

Blinking at me, Jennifer crouched down in front of the iron door and tried unlocking it with all of the keys she had.

Meanwhile, I kept an eye out for any vampires so that, if anything went wrong, we would be able to make a quick retreat. After a short while, the iron door opened with a click.

"It worked!" Jennifer snapped her fingers in delight.

"Thank you for saving us. Truly, thank you so much." Tears streamed down Boris’ and Judy's cheeks.

"Mr.Jones, it's you!" Boris quickly bowed upon recognizing me.

"Thank you for coming to rescue us personally, Mr.Jones."

"Let's not waste any more time.We should leave now."

I gestured for him to stop being so formal with me and to stand.

Jennifer reached out to help Boris up.

But before she could guide the couple out of the cell, Boris trembled and his eyes became dull.

He took out a pistol from his belt, and I yelled, "Jennifer, look out!"

However, Boris was standing close to Jennifer.I wanted to stop him, but it was too late.For some reason, Boris betrayed me.He pointed his gun at Jennifer's head.

Neither Jennifer nor I expected this to happen.

Jennifer wisely stood still.

With a pistol pointed at the back of her head, she knew better than to act rashly.

In the next second, a few well-dressed vampires entered the dungeon with their followers.They laughed hysterically.

"Nice to meet you, Mr.Jones.I'm Sherman, the elder of the Wilson Clan."

The vampire who came in first introduced himself as he looked at me.

"Surprised how we knew that you were coming? Actually, Alpha Boris and Luna Judy have been under our control all this time.You fell into our trap, Mr.Jones.If you want this girl to live, you will come with us."

I was furious.Now I understood.The vampires had been aware of our presence all along because their target wasn't Boris.It was me.

They used Boris so that they could get a hold of Jennifer and, in turn, make me yield.

with them, I couldn't imagine what they would

go with them, what would happen to Jennifer? "Mr.Jones, you'd

don't listen to us, Boris will

but to watch her die before your very

I shook my head and

"Don't hurt her!"

I looked at Jennifer, my

alone because I loved her from the bottom of my heart.I couldn't allow

being held hostage,

leave.Please don't go with them."

could I leave her behind?

go. If you dare to hurt her in the slightest, all the vampires of the Wilson Clan will

I yelled at Sherman.

"Come, Mr.Jones."

for me to

help but


hoping to put her

to fall from Jennifer's

to a cell, and then he locked me

shocked me once

hated myself for being powerless and

at the same time, I was also deeply touched that he was willing to put himself

locked us

was willing to become a

I demanded

ahead without any hesitation.I'm the reason why we got caught.They're not going

couldn't leave you behind.I refuse to." Anthony

we leave together,

not worth

mixed feelings about this situation

myself into his arms

his chest and allowed my

please promise me that you will

moment, but he eventually

I promise.I'll be fine.Don't cry, Jennifer.You're

meant to comfort me, they

through together, I

good and the

time seeing you cry

his hands and gently

told me that he felt sorry for

wanted to

bent over and

moved across my face, kissing away every drop of tear from my cheeks.His action was so gentle that my heart trembled and my body gradually softened against

me on the lips.I froze but didn't push him away.Instead, I kissed him

nibbled on his lips and gasped for breath, unable to control

eyes blazed


mouth off of mine, he held my hand in his and gently

myself cupping his hard

pull away, but he encouraged

fingers around his cock and

didn't let go of

slipped his hand into my underwear while the other rubbed my breasts and played with my sensitive nipples.I moaned once



head felt light as if

"Do you feel comfortable?"

prince seductively nipped my

I nodded shyly.

and dark cell, we passionately kissed and embraced

surroundings were chilly, Anthony's embrace

Chapter 33: Escape 

Austin's POV: 

come to ask for your instructions regarding a letter that I received today," an

maid peeled for me. I couldn't help frowning in annoyance when the elder arrived because

I pushed the maid's hand away

guard heard my command

light shone in,

servants close to me knelt down in fear of

"Get out!"

roar was so powerful that those kneeling on the floor

disappeared from my sight in an instant.Their reaction put me in a better mood.The elder entered the room and bowed

even have to look up to know who it

was Hyman.He was one of my younger brother's confidants.My younger brother was rarely in the royal palace, but he still had some influence among the high

"Get up, Hyman."

more casual with me even though I did not want him

heart, I wished that these old werewolves would disappear together with my annoying younger

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