“Does it still hurt?”

In the small bedroom upstairs, Luna knelt in front of Nellie as she carefully applied ointment on the little girl with a cotton swab.
“It hurts!” Nellie looked at Luna, teary-eyed. “Mommy, it hurts.”
“Shush.” Luna frowned and raised a finger, placing it to her lips. “Be careful what you say. I’m your servant, so call me Auntie.”

Nellie wiped her tears as her pair of big, dewy eyes were filled with distress. “Auntie, this is the first time someone beat me like this since I was born.” Her small body trembled from her sobs.
Luna’s heart clenched in pain as the tip of her nose turned pink.
It was all her fault.
She should not have left Nellie in this villa alone to make Joshua less suspicious of her.
Inhaling deeply, she held Nellie’s hand, her eyes full of self-blame. “It’s not your fault; it’s all because of that bad woman.”
Nellie pursed her lips. “I hate her to death.”
“You’re not allowed to talk like this in the future.” Lips tucked together, she softly continued, “She’s the one your daddy likes. If you fight with her, you’ll only make it difficult for your daddy, so stay away from her in the future, okay?”
Aura was an adult and Joshua had spoiled her all these years, while Nellie was just a little girl who had just returned to him.

If she could not afford to get on her wrong side, then she needed to avoid her.
“Yeah, I know. The next time I see her, I’ll walk the other way.”
“Good girl.”
Taking a deep breath, Luna continued to apply medicine on Nellie’s injury.
In the corridor outside, the tall man stood, separated by the door. He listened to their conversation as his eyes gradually darkened.
Back in his study, the man said softly, “Lucas, keep searching for a suitable maid for the Little Princess.”
Lucas was startled. “Sir, that Luna…”
Joshua raised his eyes and glanced at him indifferently. “A woman who came with a purpose. I won’t keep her around for long.”
“Yes, Sir!”
After the medicine was applied, Nellie laid down on the bed and fell into a deep sleep. After Luna tucked her in, she returned to the servant’s room that Lucas arranged for her.
The servant’s room was clean and tidy, and though it was small, it had everything she needed.
She took off her clothes, turned her back to the mirror, and checked her injuries on her back.
Aura kicked her with all her strength, and it landed squarely on her old injury. Luna sighed at the reflection of her bruised back, and she squatted to search for medicine in the first aid kit.
When Joshua pushed the door open, he saw her squatting on the ground in her underwear, her back facing him.
Her skin was paler than snow, a stark contrast with the bruise on her waist inflicted by Aura’s kick.
The man frowned. “What are you doing?”
Luna stiffened as she heard the male voice that filled the room. She stood up instinctively and turned to face him. “Mr. Lynch.”
Wearing nothing but a white bra, her shapely figure was all too alluring. Her features were already exquisitely carved, and coupled with her fully-exposed curves, she was a sight to behold.
“Even now, you’re trying to seduce me?” He narrowed his eyes as he crossed his arms at his chest and leaned against the doorframe, eyes filled with haughty derision.
Only then did Luna realize she was inappropriately dressed.
She hurriedly pulled on a jacket. “Why are you here, Mr. Lynch?”
He looked at the palm print on her face—red and swollen. “Does it still hurt?”
Following his gaze, Luna raised a hand and touched her face.
She was only worried about the injury on her waist that she forgot about the slap she received from Aura. Her cheek still looked rather swollen.
She smiled. “No, it doesn’t.”
He lifted his feet and strode into the room, sitting down on the side of the bed.
“Why were you recording us?” He looked at her, his gaze ice-cold. “Ordinary people wouldn’t think of recording anytime, anywhere.”
He was still so alert to his surroundings and the people around him.
Luna’s gaze narrowed at that, though she managed to squeeze a humble smile on her face nonetheless. “When we were, Lucas and I were discussing my salary. I was afraid that he wouldn’t accept some verbal promises in the future, so I secretly recorded our conversation.
“Unexpectedly, you then received a call from Ms. Nellie about the accident, and I followed, but the recording kept running and I forgot to turn it off.”
“That’s it?” The man walked in front of her and stared at her as if he could read all her thoughts.
His gaze made Luna uncomfortable as she turned her face away and dared not look at him. “Of course, that’s all.”
“I don’t like devious women.” Joshua raised his hand to clasp her chin and forced her to look at him. “Keep your tricks far up your sleeve. I can make your life in Blue Bay heaven, or I can make it hell for you here in Banyan City.”
With that, he flung her away coldly and left in strides.
Luna stood there as she gazed at his retreating form at the end of the corridor, and cold sweat soaked through her clothes.
Right then, her phone rang.

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