Not long after Neil sat down, the waiter began to serve Aura.

Neil reached out his hand to stop the waiter—who was delivering food to Aura—and asked with his big eyes blinking, “Hi, what’s this dish?”
The little boy was so cute and well-behaved that the waiter could not help but to stop and smiled at him. “This is filet mignon. If you want to eat it, ask your mom to order you one!”
Neil looked at the waiter with a smile and nodded. “Thank you, you’re very beautiful!”
The waitress, in her forties, was delighted by the little boy’s compliment, and even the steps of serving food became a lot lighter.

“Do you want to eat that steak?” asked the frowning Anne.
Neil smiled slyly. “No.”
“Then why did you just—” “Godmother,” interrupted Neil before Anne could finish.
“Let’s make a bet.”
The boy took Anne’s cell phone and started the stopwatch. “I bet that woman won’t be able to continue eating in ten seconds.”
Anne eyed him dubiously. “She just started eating.”
She gave Neil a side-eye. “Are you jealous she gets to eat steak?”
“Five, four, three, two…”

Neil put the phone on the table and continued the countdown triumphantly: “One.”
Aura, who was not far away, threw her chopsticks onto the table as her face contorted into an ugly expression.
Anne was shocked as Aura rushed into the bathroom in embarrassment.
Smiling slyly, the boy lowered his head and started eating his spaghetti.
Aura stayed in the toilet for half an hour.
She just had a bite of steak! Even if she ate something rotten, she would not feel the effects so quickly!
The woman slumped back to the table when she found a small note under her chopsticks.

On it was a sentence written neatly in a clear and delicate font. [The price of doing bad things.]
Aura shredded the piece of paper angrily. “Get me your manager and find the CCTV footage!”
She wanted to see who was that bold and dared to touch her!
“I’m sorry, Ms. Gibson, but the surveillance system in the store was hacked just now, and all the surveillance videos have been cleared…”
“You trash!”
Standing in the monitoring room, she smashed the glass in her hand on the computer screen.
The collision between the glass and the display made a loud, cracking noise.
It must be Luna Gibson—it must have been!
The black Maserati stopped in front of Blue Bay Villa.
Joshua ended the last international call and got out of the car, exhausted.
When he walked to his bedroom habitually, the man stopped. He turned his head and, glancing at the children’s room at the end of the corridor, walked in.
No one was in the children’s room.
“You’ve returned, Sir.” Hearing the noise from the children’s room, the butler greeted him, “Are you looking for the Little Princess?”
Joshua raised his eyebrows slightly. “Where is she?”
The butler sighed. “The Little Princess insisted on sleeping with Luna, and there’s only a small bed in the children’s room… So, the little princess went to the servant’s room downstairs and slept with Luna.”
He carefully studied Joshua’s expression. “Should I go wake Luna up and bring the little princess back?”
Joshua did not speak but turned and went downstairs, standing still before Luna’s closed door.
The butler could read his intentions and quickly took out the key to open the door.
The room was pitch-dark save only a bedside lamp left lit beside the bed. His long legs brought him into the room as he looked at the two girls—an adult and a child—on the bed condescendingly.
Luna wore light gray pajamas as she held Nellie, who was clad in pink, in her arms. Although the woman was asleep, her arm was still wrapped protectively around Nellie’s injured face.
It baffled him, but the sight made Joshua feel that the scene in front of him looked warm and homely.
He laughed self-deprecatingly; he must have lost his marbles.
Nellie was his and Luna Gibson’s daughter, a testimony of their love, but this Luna before him was just a maid who harbored ill-intentions, trying to get close to him for her own interests.
After a while, the man turned and left.
“An extra bed will be added to the children’s room tomorrow.”
“Yes, Sir!”
The door of the room was closed, and the sound of footsteps in the corridor drifted further and further.
Under the bright moonlight, Luna opened her eyes, her lips raised in a sneer.

The night passed peacefully.
The next day, Luna got up early in the morning and began to make breakfast for Nellie. She also cooked an extra serving for Joshua.
She would cook breakfast for him back then when they were together.
She wondered if his taste had changed after six years.
When she brought her breakfast to the table, Nellie finished washing up and came out in her tiny pajamas.
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