Emmeline held her breath. She quickly went back to the bedroom to get a change of clothes. After fetching the car key, she left the Precipice.

After typing in the address of the private hospital that was provided by Darell, she began driving. The sports car was soon speeding on the highway.

After two hours, she drove off the main highway and into the town roads.

She was only able to reach that small hospital after traversing off the beaten path for one hour.

Emmeline immediately went to the gynecology department to ask about Janie’s ward.

“Janie Eastwood?” The nurse checked her records, “She is in the single ward at the end of the corridor.”

Emmeline let out a huge sigh of relief. It was great that Janie was really here.

In fact, while on the way, she felt unsure about heading straight to this unknown place.

After all, she had been cheated once.

However, it was Darell who had contacted her this time.

Janie really did have such a cousin, and she was able to recognize him through his voice as well. That was what boosted her confidence in finding Janie here.

At that moment, she let her guard down when she heard from the nurse that Janie was really there.

Emmeline almost could not suppress her excitement as she was about to see Janie again. She quickened her footsteps too.

When she reached the end of the corridor and turned left, she saw a single door that led to a ward.

Emmeline knocked on the door, “Janie?”

There was no reply from within. It seemed that Janie was asleep.

Emmeline pushed the door open stealthily.

However, a strange fragrant smell enveloped her all of a sudden. Emmeline was really stunned.

She wanted to retreat, but the next moment, her field of vision turned into a pitch-black color. She fell to the floor and could not feel anything anymore.

After arriving at Hudrein, Abel checked into a hotel that belonged to the Ryker Group.

He washed himself briefly and changed into a new set of clothing. Then, he sent a message to Emmeline.

“My dear, I have reached the Ryker Hotel. What are you doing now?”

After a few moments, Emmeline replied, “I was in the garden just now.”

Abel replied, “What are you doing in the garden?”

Emmeline replied, “I cut a few stalks of roses. I arranged them in a small vase.”

Abel frowned hard when he saw those words. He did not recall Emmeline being fond of this activity.

Emmeline liked to be in the garden, but she did not usually allow anyone to pluck the flowers there.

Of course, Abel would not overthink this. He understood that women always had new ideas from time to time.

“Roses are thorny. Be careful when you handle them, you know,” Abel replied.

“Got it. You are always so caring.”

“You are my heart and soul, Emma. Of course, I would care for you.”

Emmeline simply replied with an emoji that showed that she was embarrassed.

Luca knocked on the door at that moment, “Mr. Abel, afternoon tea is ready.”

Abel sent another message to Emmeline, “I am going downstairs. Talk to you at night.”

Emmeline replied, “Alright, focus on your work for now.”

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