Alana kicked Emmeline who was now unconscious before tying up the sack that she had shoved Emmeline in.

“Your Scented Drug and Muscle Relaxant are really effective,” Evelyn gushed, “Not only Emmeline has fainted now, but her body is also completely at our mercy.”

“This woman knows some martial arts,” Alana explained, “If we don’t use Muscle Relaxant, by the time she comes to her senses, we will definitely receive a beating.”

When Emmeline woke up again, all she could see was a pitch-black color.

From the sensation that came from her backside, she could guess that she was on moist concrete ground.

She tried to get a feel of her surroundings with her bare hands, but her palms got in touch with something that wriggled and twitched.

Emmeline was silent for a second before she screamed out loud.

Women were always afraid of bugs, let alone a centipede that was usually poisonous!

Emmeline wanted to clamber up from the floor, but she could not muster any strength at all. Her body felt weak and fatigued.

“Muscle Relaxant?” Emmeline gasped in her heart.

How did she get targeted by it again? Could it be that she once again was captured by the owner of the Imperial Palace?

As she was frantically searching for a way out of this predicament, a metallic clanking sound reverberated in the huge space around her. A strip of light shone through the darkness, which indicated that a door was being opened.

Two people came in one after the other. From their body shapes, they seemed to be women.

“Who are you guys?” Emmeline squinted her eyes.

From their silhouette, she had a feeling that she had seen these women somewhere before.

Alana roared into laughter, “Emmeline, you never thought that this would happen to you, right?”

“Alana?” Emmeline was furious, “It was you all along!”

“Don’t forget about me,” Evelyn said smugly, “When I kneeled down last time, the image of you right here right now has already formed in my mind. Emmeline, I will torture you to death!”

“Evelyn?” Emmeline gnashed her teeth, “I can’t believe that you’re ganging up on me with Alana. You guys are cut from the same cloth!”

Evelyn landed a slap on Emmeline’s face with the help of the thin strip of light from outside.

Emmeline wanted to grab her wrist, but she could not muster any strength at all. She could fully feel the impact on her face.

“Evelyn,” Emmeline growled, “You better remember that you did this!”

“What about it?” Evelyn shouted, “You will never escape here. Even if I beat you to death, nobody would know!”

She wanted to slap Emmeline again.

However, Emmeline did not try to futilely use her hand to grab her. Instead, the moment Evelyn’s palm almost reached her face, she bit her fingers.

Although she did not bite hard, it was enough to bite off Evelyn’s fingers.

“Ah!” Evelyn immediately screamed in pain, “Emmeline, you’re courting death!”

Emmeline increased her biting force, and her eyes were glaring at Evelyn as if she was a hungry wolf right now.

Evelyn was stunned in front of her aura. She did not even retract her fingers as she continued to allow Emmeline to chew on them.

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