Chapter 841 A Suffocating Place

The next moment, she responded, gave him a sarcastic smile and said in an indifferent voice, “You don’t have to do so much for me. I’ll be fine, and grandma won’t blame you for this. You can leave.”

Gloria made her attitude clear. She didn’t want to keep him at all.

Jordy’s face turned livid with anger. He even suppressed his urge to strangle

Gloria. Without saying anything, he walked upstairs.

Gloria’s frown deepened. She looked at Jordy’s receding figure in a fret.

But she couldn’t drive him away. She hesitated for a moment and ignored him.

the room. They were like strangers, but they had to live under the same

Jordy’s contradictory decisions,


didn’t feel sleepy and couldn’t stop coughing. He frowned deeply, took a deep breath,

The next day.

up, she thought that Jordy would leave soon. She went downstairs for breakfast. Unexpectedly, there

said to her with a calm look, “Sit down for

just didn’t want

said nothing and walked to the table

With this in mind, Gloria tried to be patient with him. Then she found that she was wrong. Jordy didn’t intend to leave, because the doorbell

immediately said in a deep voice,

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