Chapter 840 I’ll Spend the Night Here

George looked sullener, “Why are you staying?”

He suppressed his anger, and mouthed to her silently, “You want to stay here as a third wheel? You want the air between them to become more and more rigid?”

He mouthed slowly, and Nydia could read his lips and guess. She almost understood what he meant.

She froze for an instant and seemed to be torn.

Should she stay?

It didn’t seem to be a good idea?

If she left, Gloria would be here alone. What if Jordy did something extreme?

Gloria hadn’t recovered. Jordy was stronger than her. Who could stop him by then?

said, “No, I will spend the night here! Gloria is injured.

decision. He said, biting his teeth, “Jordy is here. You don’t have to

be more worried if he’s here!” Nydia

George was speechless.

So was Jordy.

at Nydia, “Nydia, I’ll

said, “You

how can I go back?

going to say something, but Jordy’s fierce eyes suddenly rested on her face. She bit back. what she was

“Yes, Jordy will

her, she was actually

put Nydia in a dilemma. Jordy was too moody and might do some crazy things. She didn’t want

obviously reluctant to leave.

opened her mouth, George had lost patience. He grabbed her hand and

go of me!” Nydia couldn’t shake off George’s hand. George dragged her out and her roar couldn’t stop

obviously upset, “Come on!

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