Chapter 30 What Are You Doing in My House?

All right.

Actually, Karen didn’t mean it. She would not stop until she found Gloria the best man in the world!

They talked for a while and then hung up.

Gloria clicked on Twitter

Although she was not a star, she often found herself a trending topic on Twitter.

Norma, her fake online identity, and Jordy were also the most discussed topics.

Gloria and Jordy attended parties and events, which did much good to the company. This was also to make sure that they were a loving couple in the public’s eye. She loved him and was willing to cooperate with him. Only on those occasions did she feel that she married a good man…

But now things changed.

Rumors about Gloria and Jonathan were circulating, which might have a detrimental effect on the Collins Group

After all, everyone knew that Jordy and Jonathan were bitter enemies that would never be reconciled.

“Oh, my gosh. Big news! How can Mrs. Collins and Mr. Brown be together? Is there something going on between them?

Mrs. Collins are a sweet couple. They’re always together. Mr. Collins is so gentle! This must be Mr.

appeared sharp and clear and was

must have done this on

But Gloria didn’t care.

However, others might do.

Two hours later

asleep when her

at the screen. It was a call from Jordy. She knew why he made this call. She was in no mood to answer it and

the car, his face

again, but no one

Gloria turned


wheel hard. Gloria,

Bryson anymore, but unexpectedly, she

Jordy got out of the car

better after she turned off the phone. She closed her eyes and quieted

for Jordy to come every night. She was so lucky that she didn’t



Gloria opened

came a loud

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