Chapter 31 Is Your Lover Out There?

Seeing Jordy’s face dark with anger, Gloria’s neighbor didn’t dare to say an insulting word but closed the door carefully.

The pounding was deafening. Gloria finally opened the door, afraid that it would affect her neighbors.

Jordy stepped in with a sullen face.

Gloria closed the door and glared at him. “Mr. Collins, you make me feel like you’re not ready to move on!”

Can’t he come and talk in the daytime?

Gloria thought Jordy would call her because of the news online, but he didn’t. In fact, he was already in her neighborhood as the news came out.

Jordy snorted in anger and stared at her with sharp eyes. “What? Gloria, I have a reasonable suspicion that you’re doing this to get my attention!”


you didn’t even look at me.

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We’re done.”

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