Chapter 25 Who Is It This Time?

The city’s bright lights were shining.

Even in the middle of the night, there was a huge traffic jam.

Nydia finally maneuvered the car out of the jam into a parking spot. She looked at Gloria and chuckled with her eyebrows raised, “Let’s go! Gloria! They’re all here already!”

Gloria smiled, “Okay.”

Nydia’s mysterious smile lingered. She took Gloria’s arm and entered the box she had reserved.

However, the box was silent without lights on. Nydia looked around suspiciously and said, “Huh? Are they lying to me? They’re not here yet?”

She pulled Gloria inside. “Gloria, let’s wait for them.”

Before Gloria could nod, there came a loud pop!

Someone sprayed colored ribbons which were fluttering down on Gloria and Nydia, and the flashing lights

came on.

Then came the cheers.

Gloria is

out loud and turned to Gloria. “Gloria,


with laughter, “That’s right! That’s what Gloria’s going to be

and said gratefully, “Thank you,

a ribbon spray in her hand. Her dark hair just covered her shoulders, and she had a lovely

There is something more

was a little confused. “What

to set the scene for the celebration. She didn’t know exactly how they carried

a bouquet of roses and a modest

surprise and beamed excitedly. Gosh, he

Gloria could see his face, he put the roses in

were college friends and were on very good terms with one

Lloyd had been fond of Gloria for five years since

his feelings about Gloria, she got married. He

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