Chapter 24 I’m Out of Misery

George was embarrassed to lose the race. After all, there were so many people around. He couldn’t believe he

lost to a woman!

He met Nydia’s defiant eyes and immediately said, “You just want money. I have quite a lot!”

Nydia snorted, and George looked at her irritably. “But remember, that thing will be mine!”

Nydia spat, “In your dreams!”

George went off in a huff.

Nydia was in a good mood. She took Gloria by the hand and laughed, “Honey, let’s go!”

Gloria didn’t say anything but followed her into the car. With her hands on the steering wheel, Nydia turned to look at Gloria. “Wanna eat out? Or you gonna cook for your husband tonight?”

Gloria froze for a moment before saying, “Let’s eat out.”

and looked at Gloria in great surprise.

nodded. Leaving the engine idling, Nydia stared at her. “Are you sure, honey? Every time I wanna take you out, you say you have to

her lips. A look of

had wasted a lot of time

wrong and looked at her with concern. “Did he bully

“Let’s go. Why don’t we eat

changed the subject, and Nydia felt worse. She grabbed Gloria’s hand and said seriously, “What happened? You… two had

ever seen him

Gloria. How could they have

had thought of

“We’re getting divorced.”

friend, and Gloria wasn’t going to keep


wheel, and her eyes widened in shock. She would have stood up had it


the divorce papers and are waiting

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