Chapter 17 You Know It Clearly 

Jordy was slightly stunned. At this time, Gloria suddenly broke away from him, raised her leg, and kicked him!

Jordy quickly dodged and the blue veins on his forehead twitched!


He never knew that she had such a sharp tongue and would even attack him.

Gloria sneered, “Mr. Collins, Mr. Brown is still waiting for me. Excuse me.”

With that, she headed outside.

The blue veins on Jordy’s forehead twitched even more violently, but he didn’t stop her. Gloria seemed to have become a different person, and she seemed to have disguised in the past three years.

She found that she couldn’t get any benefits from him, so she was going to show her true faces in front of him?

No, it must be her trick!

change his mind and

her all the time. Gloria grabbed the door handle,

He knew she was playing hard

What a scheming woman!

care about the Collins Group’s fame and interests, divorce me as soon as possible. Except for the

away, opened

a glimpse of a figure that hid in the

she saw

sneered and turned

raised his eyes at Gloria, who looked calm.

again. She said with a relaxed expression, “I met flies and took some time to drive them

the door of their

an eyebrow,

didn’t answer, which

at her with great interest, “Have you got divorced

sip of juice, “We’ve signed the divorce papers. I am waiting for him

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