Chapter 16 Why Don’t We Get the Divorce Licenses? 

Jordy grabbed her wrists and she couldn’t move,

Looking at the paranoid man in front of her, she sneered and said with a frown, “Mr. Collins, what are you doing?”

He was the one who wanted a divorce and wanted to be with Angela. Why was he doing this to her? Just because she had dinner with Jonathan?

She almost thought that he had feelings for her.

But she knew how hard the past few years were. She knew that she would never repeat her mistakes, nor would she think naively that she could make him love her.

She had given up.

her in a cold voice with stern

angrily, “Are you serious? You are the one who is anxious to

with Jonathan because of business after they decided to get a

her face, as if he were going to cut

you give your work to your men and take some time to get the divorce licenses with


scornful look in Gloria’s eyes, he uttered a snorting laugh, “You think I don’t

a flat tone, “Then

again, she would still feel terrible, but after being tortured and cold-shouldered

he could eat her

so much,

It hurt very much.

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