Chapter 19 You Want Me to Re-love Him? 

Angela turned her eyes, pretended not to see them, put her arms around Jordy’s neck, and said with a smile, “Jordy, I’m okay. It was just a small fall. You really don’t have to be so flustered. Put me down. I can walk myself.”

Jordy said in a calm voice, “Let me get you an examination first.”

After that, he left with Angela in his arms in a panic without looking at Jonathan and Gloria who were standing nearby

A mocking look flashed across Gloria’s eyes. He really loved Angela.

Every time she was aware of that, she would be glad. Fortunately, she had ended her feelings for him.

Angela was in a coma back then and would not have such an interaction with Jordy.

But the situation had changed. She woke up and was alive and kicking. They needed to display that they loved each other often. If Gloria still cared about that like before, she would be hurt by Angela and Jordy badly

Jonathan was looking at Gloria at this moment. Seeing that there was only sarcasm not sadness in her eyes, he was still surprised. He didn’t ask anything, but just smiled, “I’ll send you back.”

out of her trace, and shook her

said with a firm attitude, “How can I let you go back alone? A gentleman would never do

find out her address, he would do that sooner or later. She accepted his

“Thank you, Mr. Brown.”


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parking lot, she found that Jordy’s car was here. She saw he carefully put Angela into the

laughed. Why did they

were married, there were seldom such

and said softly,

subconsciously turned her head, “Do

playful voice, “Get you

“Your flirting tricks

raised an eyebrow, “In my heart, you are always supreme. One should

It had two meanings.

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