Chapter 20 He and I Have Got Divorced 

“Of course not.” Jonathan smiled, stepped on the brake, and went to the right lane. He glanced at Jordy who was still waiting for the red light, and then turned right following the car in front of him.

Along the way, Gloria was not interested in chatting. Jonathan would talk to her occasionally. When she got downstairs he home, she looked at Jonathan and said in a soft tone, “Thank you for giving me the ride, Mr. Brown.”

Jonathan smiled mildly, “Sure, have an early rest. If you need anything, you can call me at any time.”

Gloria just nodded silently, then got out of the car and left.

Jonathan looked at her receding figure and narrowed his eyes slightly. Gloria was full of mysteries. Would Jordy regret it after losing her?

He had met her and wouldn’t let her go.

As soon as Gloria got out of the elevator, her phone rang. She took it out while opening the door. It was Karen. She was a little surprised.

She went in and answered the phone, “Hi, grandma.”

you been up

said with a smile as she changed her shoes, “OF course, I

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she pretended to be angry. Gloria smiled,

“Hum, then good, but…”

days. She said in a soft tone, “How are you and Jordy doing recently? Did he come back home on time? Did

reaction. If not, Jordy probably had followed her advice and


sensed something. She was a little evasive and didn’t

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