Chapter 15 Idle Pleasures 

Angela frowned, looked at Gloria, and said to her as if she really cared about her, “Gloria, talk over problems, Don’t bottle them up inside. You can’t always be so stubborn!


She played with language again. Was she trying to imply that she fooled around with other men and always cheated on Jordy?

Noticing Jordy’s more somber eyes, Gloria pressed the floor number and said with a smile, “If you are not going to take this one, we’ll leave.”

With that, she pressed the close button.

Jonathan looked at Gloria with a smile until the elevator door was closed. He didn’t see any changes in Gloria’s expression. His eyes were full of surprise, “So you were just pretending to love each other?”

Gloria tilted her head slightly, “Mr. Brown, you are so smart. Why would you ask that?”

Jonathan smiled and looked at her empty fair fingers. He tutted,

“Your fingers are flawless, but they are empty. Why don’t I give something to you?”

Gloria looked at him with a confused look, “What will you give me?”

Jonathan smiled, “It won’t be a surprise if I tell you.”

the elevator stopped. They went out in tandem and entered their

waiter served the dishes as usual, and the two

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