Chapter 22 Screwing Things Up!

“Sorry, the subscriber you dialed is busy now…”

Karen slammed down her phone angrily. Suddenly, she heard Joseph’s voice from somewhere.

Karen looked confused and crept silently to the door.

“Good job! They’re getting divorced. Has the divorce decree come through yet?”

Karen’s face turned paler!

This old bastard is gonna screw things up even worse!

He doesn’t want such a good granddaughter-in-law! He’ll regret it too!

I must marry off my granddaughter to a better man! And they will know they’ve made a bad decision!

Karen thought she was wrong. She shouldn’t have forced Jordy and Gloria to be together!

This marriage was sheer torture for Gloria from start to finish. Karen should have not intervened in this.

The more Karen thought about it, the worse she felt. She began to wonder what kind of man would be good enough for her perfect granddaughter.

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