Chapter 926 Jonathan Insisted on Waiting for Her

They hoped that such famous people could appear together more often, so that they would have news to report.

It would be perfect if Jordy could be involved in this.

After they followed Jonathan to the White Group, they started to imagine what would happen and even write tomorrow’s reports

Gloria got out of the car after she got to the Collins Group, and Jonathan followed her out and smiled at her, “I’ll wait for you here.”

Gloria immediately said, “No, just go back.”

“Hmm?” Jonathan squinted, “You want Jordy to send you back?”

Gloria frowned, “No, I won’t take his car. Moreover, I don’t know when I can finish this. Go back.”

Jonathan smiled and fixed his charming eyes on her, “Do you think I will leave?”

Gloria frowned again, “Jonathan.

but her intention was obvious.

a smile, “Come on, I’ll be waiting

Gloria was speechless.

did not want to waste her breath on him but

They kept her office here. Before the cooperation was completed, her office would be kept for her because she might

called Harold directly.

moment, Harold was

was Jordy who called him here. He didn’t ask him to do anything, as if he just needed


Harold knew why…

was different

know what Gloria

Gloria arrived here, she would definitely call him and ask what the problem was, so that Mr. Collins


to his thought. Harold couldn’t judge him. After

took a look at Jordy


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