Chapter 925 Taking Pictures Carefully

But Harold didn’t dare to ask like that.

Jordy put down his mobile phone coldly with a loud clang.

Mr. Collins was seldom so irritable. He seldom broke things to vent his anger, unless he was… extremely furious.

Harold touched the tip of his nose. Right, Mr. Collins didn’t care. He didn’t smash the phone intentionally. He lowered his head and planned to wait here a little longer. If Jordy didn’t want him to do other things, he could leave.


He took two breaths and then suddenly heard Jordy’s cold voice, “Get Gloria here and let her solve the problem in the cooperation with the White Group.”

Harold was speechless. He said okay and left. He summoned up courage and called Gloria. It was better than staying with Jordy in the office. At least Miss White wouldn’t roar at him.

Soon, Gloria picked the phone up.

quickly said, “Miss White, I’m sorry to disturb you.

very quiet. Harold didn’t

seemed that she was in a very

cooperated with our Collins Group, and there is a flaw in the operation. Mr. Collins wanted you to deal

slightly. Her show with Jonathan wasn’t for the Collins family. Did Jordy want to pick

she might think that there was really a problem with the project because

it was likely

was, but the company’s project was indeed important. She could not just ignore it, so she responded directly, “OK, I will be there soon.”

was relieved after

that she didn’t have time, Mr. Collins might go crazy and

up the phone and looked at Jonathan opposite, “Sorry, I’ve gotta

“I’ll give you a

“No, I’m going to the Collins Group.”

what Harold

in the room. It was very

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