Chapter 922 I Will Always Be There for You

Many people were still talking about this excitedly, and they were so envious. When could they be in love with such a powerful man?

Even if the other side was far less excellent than Mr. Brown, they were willing to be with him!

While they were discussing it crazily, someone suddenly said, “Wait, they are gone. Then how should we get out of this sea of flowers?”

Many people stopped stiffly.

Right, they hadn’t left the company yet!

This was the flower sea arranged by Mr. Brown. Should they leave it as it was? What should they do?

At this moment, someone rested his eyes on Ted who had just come out.

Ted smiled. Obviously, he had seen what happened.

“Mr. Maguire, how should we get out of here?”

Brown’s men said that this place could be

crowd breathed a

waved to the staff here, and they started to clean

in the middle distance. She was so furious. It was Ted who sent those people here to pave the ground with

dead! But Ted supported his daughter. Damn it!

a car accident! Such an idea had already

driving for a while.

at the roses in her arms, thinking

of them

smile on his lips,

came out of her trance, “I

the only time Jordy had ever given her roses was when he arranged

divorced, but Jordy still

I will send you

just beautiful when they are blooming, and it

raised an eyebrow, “Out with the

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