Chapter 923 A New Identity

The look in Gloria’s eyes changed slightly, but she didn’t say anything.

She really didn’t want to say too much in this situation. If she did, she would only feel bad in the following conversation.

The car was moving forward.

Jonathan acted as usual. He stopped talking about the topic he just mentioned but talked about something else.

Soon, they arrived at the restaurant. After ordering the food, they talked about something serious.

Jonathan never urged her. Gloria spoke whenever she wanted to. It was her freedom.

He was like that. He had a strong aura, but he could adjust it according to the situation. Sometimes, he could scare people with his aura, while he could also be an elegant gentleman like now.

He was handsome, sincere, and caring.

but… only Gloria

the dishes were served and the waiter went out, Gloria picked up chopsticks and took a small bite of the food. She felt good

smiled more brightly,

thing but just looked

eyebrow with a smile, “I’m all

know how she

calmly, “Do you

smiled, “Yes, the most famous jewelry and fashion designer in the country, I tried to hire her several times but all failed.”

“If she works with you and designs a new suit and some jewelry, will you take it

slightly, and the smile on his lips seemed to stiffen at this moment. He

was like sizing her

and just curled her

face and looked at her carefully, “It’s really you.”

curled her lip, “I’m sorry.”


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