Spoil My Errant Wife

Chapter 4: You Are Pregnant 

Christina found the voice familiar.

She was pale due to the loss of blood.

She looked back at the man in a blurred vision.

The man was half squatting behind her.

His sword-brows were hidden behind his short black hair hidden, and his nose and the outline of the Eurasian hybrid made him handsome and delicate.

This man was born noble and aloof.

Just a glance at him left a deep impression on others.

Of course, Christina recognized him.

‘‘It was him”

 ‘‘That bastard who slept with me..”

 "Don't touch me..."

Christina struggled and shouted stubbornly, unwilling to let him touch her.

The loss of blood made her pale, and there were whispers of discussion all around her.

The people here were laughing at and cursing her but defending Carrie and her daughter.

‘I didn't hit the little girl.She was like being isolated by the whole world.” Desperately and helplessly, She was pushing the man, unwilling to give in.

"Go, go away..." Christina struggled and shouted.

But all of a sudden, she passed out...

Patrick saw her suddenly close her eyes.

Only then did he notice that her body was so hot and even though he shook her, she had no reaction.

Anxiety appeared on his cold and indifferent face, and he immediately picked her up...


Christina was weak and her eyes were tightly closed, and she was drawn to sleep.


She even heard someone call her by her nickname anxiously in her dream.

When her mother was alive, she often called her Tina.

once the apple of the eye of the Dickens Family, but...When she was 17, her father, Donald, brought

mother died, she broke up with her

Dickens Family, she lived a life of poverty and

knew that she was the daughter

Cory, she never coveted his family's money but just

marriage was a complete

struggled in pain on the

she was

and gasped for air,


her senses and smelled of

knew she was

"Miss Dickens, you're awake."

bed and greeted her with a smile after seeing her wake

the cold sweat off her forehead, took a deep

""What-what's wrong with me..."

very weak and her

by Cory and

she whispered in a respectful tone, "Miss Dickens, you're


Christina was startled.

was hearing

blessing, "Congratulations, Miss Dickens, you've been


a look of shock and

pregnant?’ Christina subconsciously stroked her flat abdomen with her right

up from

‘‘How could…”

I get pregnant..” Christina's mind went

as if something serious had happened in the hospital,

of the ward was hastily pushed open and several doctors walked in

that she wanted to get up and

Dickens, you can't move

and recently, you've been malnourished and under too much emotional stress...Luckily you were sent

doctor in a white coat

Miss Dickens's vital signs have all returned to

quickly check

how are you feeling now? Are you

blank as she looked at

hallway outside the ward was

why did you ask me to be here?

her great behaviors? She hit my Jasmine, who is your

mention this?" Laurie's face darkened

told you before.I don't care how you mess around with them, but how dare you brought them over to the Hopkins

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